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Client: Kerstin & Peter


Project: Wedding Design

Invitation. Signet. Namecards. Tablecards. Menu. Doorknob Hanger. Stamp. Sticker


"A round story, a runde Gschicht" was the device of Kerstin and Peters wedding. We chose the pattern and color from the groom's suit as our key visual, designed a round menu, round invitation (folded as a square) and closed with a round sticker. About 30 km away from Munich, Gut Sonnenhausen with an old historical horsebarn was the perfect wedding location. The pattern, our design, round decorations and the glamorous location with their Art Nouveau elements made the wedding an entirely true story.


Pantone Rhodamine Red C (pink) and Pantone 2695C (purple), black and white. ____print: 2/0 invitation on art paper, 1/0 dust jacket on purple solid colored paper.

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