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Client: Patricia & Michael


Project: Wedding Design

Save the Date. Invitation. Signet Envelopes. Agenda. Pockets for Strawflowers. Coasters. Menu. Namecards. Tablecards. Stamp. Doorknob Hanger. Sticker. Napkins. Thank You Cards. Ringboard. Place Cards

__________background: Wow-worthy Mountain Wedding in Bavaria. What could be dreamier than getting married at the top of a mountain surrounded by all of nature's glory? A cozy and intimate family-only wedding at a small paradies in the Bavarian Forest – on top of the Hoher Bogen mountain ridge, which offers panoramic views and is the most beautiful venue where you can enjoy every experience of your big day. Not to speak, the cuisine and extraordinary wine selection beats everything!

__________production: Haptic Highlights with self drafted envelopes, pockets for strawflowers etc. made and printed on finest GMUND paper – a paper to add seasonal sparkle and an extra something special to the most demanding job like this wedding. Gmund Action Pastel Heart Attack (210 g/m2) and Gmund Colors Matte No. 37 (300g/m2).

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